Collection 2024

he tattoo is an age-old art that has gone through multiple phases of meaning and interpretation. Originally used as a symbol of tribal membership or as an indication of social status, tattoos have now gained an unprecedented aesthetic and artistic dimension. Over the millennia, it has evolved from a primarily practical function to an art form intrinsically linked to personal identity and expression.

Tattoo art is reaching new horizons with Marta Make's 2024 collection, known as "MACRO." This collection seems to defy artistic conventions and anatomical limitations, turning the human body into a three-dimensional canvas for unique and innovative works of art. Marta Make has pushed beyond the traditional boundaries of realistic tattooing, creating a fusion of artistic disciplines that blend harmoniously on the skin. Each design is like a custom-made suit for the person, fitting the curves and shapes of the body in a way never seen before. Each work will be unique and unrepeatable, exclusively for the person wearing it, followed by her hand-drawn drawing in pencil on paper of the same with certification of authenticity.

What really makes this new development fascinating is the idea that tattooing is taking on a role similar to that of traditional art, such as painting and sculpture. Tattoo artists, such as Marta Make, are now gaining recognition for their creativity and skill similar to that of more celebrated visual artists. The MACRO collection represents a step toward transforming the tattoo into a true luxury good, where owning a work of art on the skin is equivalent to owning a precious piece of jewelry or a fine sculpture.

In a world increasingly focused on individualism and personal expression, tattoo art is emerging as a form of authenticity and originality. The MACRO collection seems to embrace this trend, offering customers the opportunity to wear personalized artwork that reflects their unique identity. It is interesting to reflect on how the concept of "luxury" is transforming, now including art imprinted on leather, which becomes a vehicle for expressing one's style and taste in a lasting and meaningful way.